The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies (AAAS) is a not for profit, non-governmental, provincial association originally formed in 1947 that advocates and provides resources for the 293 Agricultural Societies in Alberta



AAAS inspires vibrancy in Alberta Communities


Through education, facilitation and collaboration AAAS empowers people to be leaders in high quality communities.

Excellence in direction and execution, Success through collaboration. Motivation through education and engagement. Advocacy through example. Dedicated to strengthen Agricultural Societies and their communities



Services and resources are recognized and valued to support best practices

  • Ensure vital education, capacity building programs and initiatives are offered and completed – creating a more engaged and empower membership that strengthens the communities they represent
  • Increase public awareness of Agricultural Societies and their events
  • Invest resources that deliver signature events that facilitate, motivate and enrich learning through Celebration and dialogue amongst members and partners


Leadership and processes are future focused to ensure the organization is positioned to successfully

serve the communities of Alberta

  • Succession planning for the organization ensures team continuity that enables consistent growth
  • Board structure review to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness are achieved to lead growth of the Organization into the future
  • Technology
  • Best practices that actively support members
  • Promotes action through the use of technology


Strengthen alliances with key stakeholders to ensure the combined resources support and grow community building efforts in Alberta.

  Preserve and Diversify Funding for AAAS

  • Sponsorship
  • Grants for Operating + New Initiative Projects
  • Fee Based Services

  Government Relations

  • Province
  • Municipalities

  Member Relations

  • New Revenue and Value Added
  • Communication Plan
  • Grants for Ag Societies

Review the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies By-Laws – 181 K PDF